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The UNSW Defence Research Institute works with UNSW’s experts and trusted partners in academia, industry and government to translate UNSW’s world-class research into defence capabilities that enable Australia and it's allies to meet the demands of a constantly changing security environment.

Securing Australia’s Future 

We build solid and lasting partnerships with Defence and defence industries around the world. Our mission is to deliver the best defence research to enhance Australia’s security. We also share our knowledge with global policymakers and across academia, government and industry. 

The DRI plays a critical role in enhancing UNSW’s already enviable defence reputation by galvanising our research clusters across the university’s Sydney and Canberra campuses. We advance Australia’s global capabilities through education, innovation and engagement. 

Meet Our Team

DRI team

Partner With Us

The DRI delivers across operational areas as diverse as Autonomous Systems, Hypersonics, Sensors and Space. Our UNSW Defence Capability Portfolio showcases our defence research and technology excellence across academia, government, industry and policy.  

We translate our knowledge into direct impacts to transform Australian and global societies.

Download UNSW's Defence Research
Capability Portfolio (PDF, 7.13MB)

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